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Working with Leading Lines

Today’s project was to shoot some images with Leading Lines.  Leading Lines are a compositional element of photography where the photographer uses existing lines – made made or natural – to draw the viewer’s eye into the photo. Examples can include roads, trails, railroad tracks, rivers, etc. Leading Lines can help direct the viewer’s gaze into the photograph, rather than just at the photograph. When well executed, they can help to draw the viewer in and hold our attention.

The weather was kinda crappy, so I stuck with my 24-70 today (mostly because I didn’t want to switch lenses in the rainy weather). 24-70 is a relatively “normal” lens, meaning that the lens reproduces the world through the viewfinder similar to how we would see it without the camera. Another trip out is definitely needed with a longer lens to experiment with how lens compression changes leading lines and creates new ones.


In this photo, the leading line is the edge of the skating rink towards my subject, the children. It was a nice touch that the Zamboni driver was also looking down towards the children. Location: Kitchener City Hall