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The big extended family Christmas photoshoot

Erica’s parents live about a million miles north of Winnipeg, so when they come to Ontario it’s a big deal. They wanted photos to capture the rare time that Erica’s family of four and her brother’s family of four can be with their parents all together in one place.

To keep all the kids happy and cooperating, we weren’t too ambitious and hung out at Erica’s home for all of our photos. Everyone did great and there are many photos to document this great event.


Chung Family Nature Trail Photoshoot

Adrian and Jenn contacted me to do a family photoshoot with them to celebrate Nathan’s 2nd Birthday. We got a beautiful summer evening and tried a new nature trail and the light worked out great.

Against a bedtime curfew and a toddler who had other things on his mind than posing for photos, I think these photos captured their family perfectly (…as long as the rainbow ball was in his hands). We even got some new headshots along the way home.

chung-family_Jul-07-2018-4 chung-family_Jul-07-2018-11
chung-family_Jul-07-2018-1-2 chung-family_Jul-07-2018-3 (1)
chung-family_Jul-07-2018-27 chung-family_Jul-07-2018-26

Walker Family Golden Hour Photoshoot

Shane and Krissy are old friends. I remember both of their children being born. Hard to believe that they are running, jumping, and huge in personality and character. I loved spending time with them and hamming it up with the kiddos while getting great smiles and authentic interactions.

walker-family_Jun-11-2018-72 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-9
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-73 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-74
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-69 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-36 (1)
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-51 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-29
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-42 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-40

Autumn Family Photo Session

Friend and photographer from Shutter Speed Photography, James Jackson, approached me for photos that would be part of a very special first Christmas as a growing family. Of course, I was honoured with the opportunity.

fall child family portrait