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Creating High-Key Headshots with One Light

A nice headshot displays professionalism and is representative of your personal and business brand. In fact, next to the Home Page, the About page is the most important page on a small business website. This is why, for certain types of small business owners, it’s critical to have a clean, well-lit, high quality picture of themselves. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do high-key portraits, so I took the opportunity to help out a friend, Shanna Rice, who is starting a new massage practice in Downtown Kitchener.

Creating the Photograph – Christmas Edition

Some photographers may avoid kitschy Christmas photos; but any photographer with a 6mo old at Christmastime is going to lean in and try to capture the perfect photograph. A photograph that can be later shown to their teenaged dates and displayed at their wedding (sorry little dude, this won’t be the last time the world sees these photos).

Autumn Family Photo Session

Friend and photographer from Shutter Speed Photography, James Jackson, approached me for photos that would be part of a very special first Christmas as a growing family. Of course, I was honoured with the opportunity.

fall child family portrait

Breanne and Jameson Anniversary Photos

I recently had the pleasure of creating some photographs to commemorate Jameson and Breanne’s anniversary. They are a fun, sarcastic, and easygoing couple. Even though it rained off and on for the first-half of our shoot, they took it in stride and we got some great photos.

We started our photo shoot in south Kitchener where Schneider Creek meets the Grand River.

kitchener couples photography kitchener couples photography

Portrait Session at Miovision

It's a little dangerous to ask a photography enthusiast to take a break from their day job and shoot staff portraits. When Scott from People Ops at Miovision asked, I immediately started recalling the Henry's Portrait Perfect Workshop with Lindsay Adler that I attended a few months ago (right) and I got excited. I love my day job, but I got to bring my camera to work and take photos. That's like telling a kid that they can play Xbox in math class.

Not sure if I could get some of the guys and girls at work to wear fascinators or flower hats and pose like Fredau, but I could probably use some existing video lighting equipment to take some good shots.

Challenge accepted.

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