Shooting the Band Aisles

Somehow, in a fortunate stroke of luck, I've had the opportunity to hang out with Aisles and provide them with photographs. It started as a request from James (whom I work with at Miovision in my big-boy job) to shoot some photographs of his band that they can use for grants, concert posters and their website.

Outdoors – Fall 2014

I shot most of the photographs using my old Sigma 24-70 2.8, which I never loved. The colour reproduction never felt right, and the chromatic aberration was terrible when wide open, so I had to shoot at F5 or above. Not necessarily a bad thing when shooting four rock stars. 

The other lens I used was my fast 50mm 1.8, which is easily my favourite lens - despite not being an ideal lens for people photography. One of these days,I'll pickup the 85mm and become pro, make bank, and live like Taylor Jackson.

In Studio – Winter 2015

The dark-lit studio presented a whole new challenge. Not only was there next to no light, but there were lamps, amps, patch cords and gnomes sprinkled throughout the studio, which had to be avoided. Secondly, I didn't want to completely distract the guys from their takes, so I had to be part of the studio session and not secondary to it.

To shoot a band as cool as Aisles in-studio, I had to pretend to be way cooler than I am and try and capture some of their eccentric, classic rock style through images. I have to say that shooting photos while listening to live music and hanging out with Wes, James, Evan and Steve was an awesome experience, and I will continue to jump at the opportunity.

Off Camera Flash and More Photos

There's not a lot of light to work with in-studio, and I didn't bring along any of my professional lighting gear - mostly because I own none. I had low ambient light and my Speedlight SB-800 that I could optically trigger.

I tried a number of different set-ups, some with flash coming directly up from the floor - but that seemed too ghostly; some with hard flash coming from left or right - but the colour of the flash didn't blend well with the colour of the room; and finally, some with flash behind my subject - which worked well. There's a sample above in the golden studio photo, and here are more below:

More Work Coming This Summer

Wes has lots of great ideas for future work. I've heard rumours about a 70's TransAm and an airport tarmac. I'm looking forward to pushing the creative boundaries with Aisles.

Also, keep checking their facebook and twitter pages for new songs. They release regularly. When you listen, think of me in- studio snapping away.

Finally, below are some awesome photo manipulations and graphic design that Wes has done with my photos.