Walker Family Golden Hour Photoshoot

Shane and Krissy are old friends. I remember both of their children being born. Hard to believe that they are running, jumping, and huge in personality and character. I loved spending time with them and hamming it up with the kiddos while getting great smiles and authentic interactions.

walker-family_Jun-11-2018-72 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-9
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-73 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-74
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-69 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-36 (1)
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-51 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-29
walker-family_Jun-11-2018-42 walker-family_Jun-11-2018-40