Winter Photography

Winter can be a challenging time for photography. The sea of white, short days, and cold weather can all be deterrents for getting outside. Fortunately, my friends Erica and Brad Evans are no wimps when it comes to adventure, so we struck out on a balmy -5 day to St Jacobs. Brad and Erica are easily the most serious people I know, so it was no fun at all...

Metering a Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

One of the biggest challenges to snow photography is how it throws off your metering. On an overcast day, quite a bit of the scene through the viewfinder is white. Even with the D700, a dead-centre meter reading produced a grey photograph. To compensate, I set ISO to 100 with manual white balance, shutter and F-stop in combination with favouring the histogram towards the right and using spot metering.

Finding Colour

The search for colour wasn't too difficult. All of us immediately converged on the red caboose as soon as we started shooting. The red pops out against the white snow. We shot other cars, including a black tanker and green passenger car; however, nothing looked quite as great as the caboose. Truth be told, the vibrancy wasn't as vivid as I would have liked in my RAW files, but by toning down the blacks and increasing luminance in the red channel it made it pop. Same can be said for the red covered bridge.

I did it all for the Llamas

Spending time with Erica and Brad was a lot of fun. We got some great shots (seen in the gallery below); however, the highlight was at Conestogo River Horseback Adventures. When we were first approaching the animals, I was convinced we were going to be asked to leave. After all, we weren't paying customers. Not only were the staff extremely welcoming, they helped tour us around the property, allowed us into the barns, and brought animals to see us. I'm pretty sure they would have let us stay all afternoon, but we politely excused ourselves when we felt we had taken up enough of their time. Full gallery of images below from the whole day.